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LATEST POSTCARD ADDITIONS: Deja Vu; Greetings from San Francisco (two versions);
New York City ... just like I pictured it; Yes, but Where is Los Angeles?; What is "Nar"?;
Get Well.

Types of Postcards

Swimming Birthday card

We have dozens of black-&-white Photographic Postcards covering a variety of overlooked subjects: showing how to Escape from Boredom, asking Are We There Yet?, illustrating the Art of Giving Directions, showing a person Making Slow Progress, suggesting Anytime Can Be Naptime, and many more! (There's also a "picture" postcard without a photo: the scene is conveyed entirely in embossed Braille; type-based translations -- in both English & Italian -- are on the reverse side.)

Our Map Postcards feature towns that actually exist and that relate to a variety of themes: A Lovers' Map has towns like Bliss, ID, and Romance, AR. A Confusing Map is full of surprises, showing such towns as Los Angeles, TX, and Chicago, KY. An Optimistic Map includes cheerful sounding towns like Brilliant, AL, and Best, NY. On the other hand, A Pessimistic Map shows Gripe, AZ, and Grim, MI. The maps are mostly black-&-white and mostly cover the USA, but that will be changing in the future. The map cards have also evolved into two color atlases. Each of our Language Postcards has a group of animals gathered around a table for a birthday celebration -- and each animal is saying "Happy Birthday" in the language suggested by its breed name. (Thus the Havana rabbit speaks Spanish, the Siberian Husky dog speaks Russian, the New Zealand pony speaks Maori, & Simese cat speaks Thai.) There are cards for Rabbits, Horses, Cats, Dogs, and Parrots. There's also a somewhat similar card that includes Pigs speaking Pig-Latin (with Pigeons speaking Pidgin-English). 

All postcards cost $ .75 each.

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